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Thought for the month

The purposes of church:

  1. To worship the Lord your God- Matt 4:10

  2. To prepare God's people for the works of service-Eph.-4:12

-We gather to minister support to one another

3. We exist to evangelise- Matt 28: 19-20

4.We exist to provide fellowship- fellowship with one another-Eph. 2:19

5.We exist to proclaim Him (God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

6.To admonish one another. -Col 1:28

Five goals that believers should show:

  1. To be part of God's family 1Peter 3 Eph. 2:19

  2. To be models of God's character- We are called to be examples of Christ. -1Peter 2:21 1Timothy 4:12

  3. God wants us to be ministers of His grace. - Believers should use their talents, gifts, opportunities to serve not just God but also to serve others faithfully. 1Peter 4:10 Eph. 2:10

  4. God wants us to be messengers of His love. Acts 20:24 2Cor 5:19-20

5. God wants us to magnify His name- Personalise the goal of worship Ex 20:3 Psalm 34:3

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